Tire Calculator App Reviews

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Not supported for current iOS versions

Please refund the purchase price for this. Does not support current iOS versions so app has been deleted. Do not buy this app.

Do not buy

This app used to work. Hasn't worked for a couple years now, very disappointing. App not compatible with newer IOS software. This app should be removed.

Stopped working

The app worked fine and after upgrade just crashes every time you try to use it

Tire Calculator

Tried to use. App closes after pressing calculate. Not working junk

Great App

Works great. I use it most every day. A new tire graphic that shows comparison in size would be nice in the next update.

Very handy

Very good app for people who are looking at alot of tire sizes. Would like to see this app add a wheel offset calculation to be able to compare wheel / tire combos. Ifound myself using this app for tire sizing and going online to use the wheel offset calculator on 1010tires

Warning! Support lacking.

The link given for Extreme Software is an invalid link and the Support link does NOT have any way to ask for support/give feedback. I've had this software for quite awhile yet today I was denied an update because I only have iPhone OS 3.1 installed. I wanted to ask what was in this app that REQUIRES iPhone OS 3.1.2. Previously, I've had no problems with this app, but because of the inability to get support, I cannot in good conscience recommend it anymore.

Great app

Great now someone just needs to make a tire fitment guide I'd buy that...

Good Application

All it needs is a chart of standard tire sizes and the ability to save your inputs for later.

Needs a few more add-ons

Needs a recommended wheel size, as well as display tire width. Also a cool graphic would be to show new tire next to old so you can get a visual of size change.

Good app.,but would be nice to have tread width in the listing.

Not sure if it's your app. or other apps are off on speedometer reading.

Needs Work

Having been a manager at a tire store you are missing something.You also need to know the tread width.As tire size goes up so does the width.Also the program will not display old size Speedo Diff and Speed @ 60mph.Then i would give this 5 stars.Good first try.Please fix.Thank You.

Not compatible with iPod Touch

I guess I should have looked closer. I think this would be a very handy program. Just disappointed it won't work on my iPod. Glad it was free.

AAA+++ Application! Everyone Should Have This!

This app is great! I've always wanted to something like this that I could use portably!

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